Energy days in Lithuania

Municipalities, that joined Covenant of Mayors initiative commits to organize Energy days and in this way to present benefit of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources themes to citizens.

Kaunas regional energy agency during „Energy for Mayors“ project organized Energy days in different Lithuanian municipalities. Pakruojis, Anykščiai, Jurbarkas, Šilalė, Elektrėnai and Trakai municipalities were visited.

The main attention was directed to young generation. KREA specialists visited local schools and kindergartens. More than 1 000 kids participated in those Energy days.

„Kids and teenagers will be the main energy consumers in the future. They will pay bills for consumed electricity, heat and water. So it is very important to present them the importance and benefit of efficient energy use. We can change present situation if we will change citizens‘ behaviour“ – said director of KREA Feliksas Zinevičius.

During Energy days children were taught how to save energy at school and at home: turn off the light when leaving the room, save heat energy by sealing windows, use less water while having a wash etc. The most active children brought drawings on renewable energy topic and presented them during the meetings.

In order to represent energy efficiency theme in friendly manner children were involved in different interesting actions and tasks – slogans and poems on energy saving were written, posters and drawings on renewable energy were drawn. After short lecture named “Save energy” children could participate in quiz and win some prizes (efficient bulbs, candies etc.).

At the end of meetings educational cartoons were shown. We also presented teaches with books on energy saving, that they could continue work on this theme with children.

Energy day – great chance to change energy use behaviour from today!