ENERGY 21 - Strategy for energy sustainability and strengthening of the planning of the energy use in sustainable or potentially sustainable municipalities

ENERGY21 consists of development a strategy to reach energy sustainability, in this way to strengthen in the development of Local Agenda21 in energy field. the project The project purposes to facilitate a tool that allows and guarantees the European and National Policy fulfilment in energy subject in each country member. In addition, this tool will direct the putting into effect of local development initiatives. In this way all citizens and the market local actors will be actively involved. Firstly it brings up the realisation of an energy diagnosis of the actual situation of the area, by means of consulting experts and discussion tables. Also it will carry out a definition and implementation of the Plan of Energy Performance. In addition a monitoring strategy it will be able to establish, with an indicators system of energy sustainability to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan and interest aspects for sustainable development of the community.

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