ECHO Action- Energy-Conscious Households in Action

Difficulty in family lifestyle changes is one of the strongest barriers that Local Authorities have to overcome in order to promote and develop sustainability issues in their territories. ECHO ACTION aims at creating a model of active and voluntary involvement of families, local economic actors and financial institutes, co-ordinated by the local energy agency, for the contribution to the carrying out of local energy plans. This goal will be achieved by dividing families into working groups. The project runs on a double track. On one side it addresses families, i.e. final users, in order to direct “demand side” towards more responsible energy use. On the other it addresses technology providers, as well as financial institutes. A first level of actions will regard a critical revision of lifestyles and a revision of consumptions, a second one will focus on the implementation of low cost solutions and a third one will help those families who intend to realise more complex and expensive actions.

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