MODEL - Management Of Domains related to Energy in Local authorities

The project aims at helping local authorities to become models for citizens and its main objective is to improve the practical capacities of local authorities and/or local energy agencies from 8 New Member States and Candidate Countries out of 10 countries that are eligible to better deal with intelligent energy issues at both individual (municipalities) and collective (national networks or embryos of networks) levels. It particularly aims at developing actions to encourage citizens, local decision makers and stakeholders in taking their own initiatives, thus to prepare the ground for sustainable energy communities, through the following practical activities:

  • Promoting the appointment of municipal energy managers / units in cities,
  • Implementing multi-annual municipal action plans and energy information systems to improve energy performance of municipal properties,
  • Getting financial means / using financial schemes for concrete investments,
  • Taking communication initiatives – incl. the Display® Campaign, Municipal Intelligent Energy Days, etc. – towards civil society,
  • Disseminating at a large scale all information, results, methodologies and tools towards NMS-CC local authorities through conferences, workshops, publications, website, study visits, etc.

Moments from Energy day in Kaunas

Moments from Energy days in Birštonas, Kaunas and Prienai

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