• Energy audits of buildings and industrial enterprises
  • Thermo graphic analysis of buildings
  • Preparation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)
  • Possibility studies on rational use of energy, environment protection, use of renewable energy sources
  • Advisory service in energy and environment protection fields
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and training courses, energy days.

Our experience:

Energy audits of buildings, thermographic analysis, preparation of investments projects - more than 30 objects.

Thermographic analysis of envelopes and heating systems of flats and buildings - more than 10 objects.

The Plan of Rational Energy Use in Kaunas City ( assessment of energy saving potential in residential and public buildings, potential of renewable energy sources, potential of waste heat, possibilities of covering electricity needs, potential of district heating network).

Sustainable Energy Action Plans prepared for Šilalė district, Pakruojis district and Jelgava municipalities.

Implementation of European Energy Award system in Alytus City Municipality.

Organization of Municipal Intelligent Energy Days.

The feasibility study on waste heat use for heating of Palemonas place. The purpose of study - preliminary analysis of possibilities on waste heat use for covering needs of heating and hot water preparation in Palemonas during the winter season. The possibilities of utilization of flue-gas heat and replacement of steam boiler to water heating boiler, analysis of efficiency of waste heat utilization and conclusions in accordance with environment protection requirements are presented in this study.

The study on the sludge heat utilization in Kaunas Waste Water Treatment Plant. The main objective of this study is analysis of possibilities of sludge heat utilization of digested sludge cooling till needed temperature and for using of saved heat in technological processes. The calculations of sludge heat flows, analysis of heat excess and heat demands were performed. The analysis of possibilities of heat use, selection the methods for equipment working processes, economical assessment of the process realization was performed, the conclusions and recommendations are presented.


Municipalities, that joined Covenant of Mayors initiative commits to organize Energy days and in this way to present benefit of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources themes to citizens.